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Situated to the east of the Atlantic Road the town of Kristiansund is an important center for the area.  Created formally as a town in 1742 by the King Cristian VI it has been an important seaport for hundreds of years already.

A major cod fishing and trading center the town was prosperous for many years and this can be seen today in the traditional architecture and history of the town.

Although badly damaged by bombing in the Second World War by the 1950s the town was reconstructed and a rich herring fishery established with a trawler fleet based in the town providing the raw material for the production of dried herring.

Today it makes a great stopping point before or after your trip across the Atlantic Road as well as being a base for many interesting local trips such as that to the abandoned hamlet of Grip which is most popular with tourists who may stay during the summer in one of the old houses.

With more than 10 hotels and many restaurants and bars, interesting museums, and even a fish festival there is much to see and do in Krisitiansund.

See live webcam of Kristiansund here: